Here I'll try to figure out some things that help the world make sense or at least help navigate it.

# The Problem

Life is confusing. It's hard to know what is worth spending time on. What is true or better or good?

# The Goal

To improve life for myself and for others. To improve the world.

# Intro

At some point I may try to explore the motivation for pursuing quality, but for now I'll start with that as a goal.

# Some Core Ideas

  • Everything is connected.
  • High quality rewards deep participation.
    • a quality song or symphony or movie or literature or architecture or product gives a greater reward the deeper someone engages with it—in fact, it gets better with time
    • quality almost always requires something of the participant
      • knowledge
      • caretaking
      • practice
      • work
  • Facades are easily and immediately appealing to the senses
    • visual, musical, comfortable to the touch, taste, etc.
    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with facades
    • To only live with and engage with facades seems to dampen the human ability to experience the richness of quality
    • Facades can be enjoyed by anyone without prior or acquired experience
  • To appreciate requires knowledge
    • For a facade to be enjoyable, it must
      • be immediately accessible
      • do all the work for the participant

# Ideas from some Authors/Thinkers

# Christopher Alexander

  • patterns of life
  • “it is possible to make something dead but not make it live—the best we can do is create an environment that nurtures life” (To do: get real quote)

# Robert Pirsig

  • Quality

# The Tao

“The Tao that is spoken is not the true/eternal Tao” Once you name something, it is no longer that thing but just a summary of that thing.

# Ludwig Wittgenstein

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” Until something is defined (named, see Tao), it can not be measured and therefore is not a thing that can be acted on. (To do: refine this description)